Why you should join us:

Think about being part of a young, dynamic, youthful organization that values all its human assets equally. Think about your growth in such an organization, where your every contribution, thought, idea and innovation will be valued. Our leaders bring in several decades of state-of-the-art and proven employee and customer management practices. This is testament to our core human resources philosophy: a satisfied employee means happy customers, and happy customers means more growth for our employees.

Our work culture:

When you join us, you will become a seamless part of a non-hierarchical, informal and open environment. At FASHOS, you can enjoy all the dynamism of a startup organization while benefitting from a global business focus. Our work environment will be result-oriented, energizing and rewarding in every respect.

Your growth at FASHOS:

We offer both vertical and horizontal career paths. Whatever level you start at, you will be considered the leader at your area of work. We will appreciate all the learning and experience you bring to us, even as you discover newer ways to learn, lead and grow beyond where you are.

Compensation and benefits:

You will enjoy a competitive, industry-comparable total compensation package that includes vacation days and insurance benefits. Combine this with flexible inter-team and inter-vertical job relocations and you ll see the total scope of your employee growth and benefits package. The best compensation we can offer you, apart from the monetary ones, is that you will shine bright along with us for a long time to come.


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